Share Draft Accounts


The share draft account is a free checking account. Any member that has a share account can have a share draft account. There is no monthly service charge or per check charge on the draft account. There is also no minimum balance required on the share draft account. The only charge associated with the share draft account is the purchase of checks. A share draft account can be opened up with a deposit of as little as $15.00. The share draft account allows members to write checks and have them clear off their account at Energen Credit Union. Deposits can be made to this account by payroll direct deposit from any company that offers direct deposit to its employees so an Energen employee and their working spouse can have their payroll checks direct deposited to Energen Credit Union.

To enhance the share draft account, Energen Credit Union offers a free MasterCard Check/Debit cards or regular ATM cards. To receive a free debit card, a member must submit an application to the credit union and be qualified. Members do not have to qualify to receive a free ATM card.

Members can have items such as utility payments, insurance premiums, health club dues, and loan payments to other financial institutions, debited from the share draft account at Energen Credit Union.

Energen Credit Union reserves the right to close any share draft account that has excessive return items or NSF’s.